Anatomy of Home


June 2020- Sept 2020

Work developed during first Virtual National Geographic Photo Camp and GenGeo Storytelling Course
Home. Home is not just a place. It is a feeling. Home is a place where people of the same roots yet with different outlooks of life stay together. Home is where I grow. Home is where all the goods and bad happened. Home is where the food of my liking is. Home is a cage yet my safe space. Home is a community. Home is where I can be whoever I want to be, but yet be myself. Home is where I bury and treasure my secrets. Home is where I am open with my insecurities and my temple of healing. Home is where the love is.
Home is where the love is
Home is my temple of self healing
Home is where I bury & treasure my secrets
Home is a place where people of different outlooks of life yet of the same roots reside. Home is where I grow
Home is where one can be whoever they want to be yet be themselves
Home is where I get my mother’s rotis, my comfort food
Home is where I first learnt about sustainibility
Home is a lake to delve in self reflection for personal growth