Portfolio- Sutirtha Chatterjee

Website Design

March 2019
Sutirtha Chatterjee, born and based in Calcutta, is a photographer in his late 20s. After completing his graduation in Journalism he worked with regional print publications for 5 years as a freelance writer and staff photographer. In 2017, he quit his "nine to five” job to pursue long-term photography projects.
The brief was to design a website showcasing his work. He wanted his work to be viewed as vulnerable, tender, poetic and deeply personal. I’ve tried to showcase these values through colour and layout of the photographs.
Fig 0.1: Homepage
Fig 0.2 Information page

Body copy- Plex Mono Regular
Headings- Plex Mono Bold
Logotype- Titling Gothic FB Wide
Colours used: #bdb1b1
Colours used: #4a3636