Mobile placard :)
NFTs for Photo Vogue residency 
Website management for Espace Dukat
Some of the campaign videos produced for one of Dukat’s expo, with Tristan Bartolini
’Kick the butt’ video shot and produced
Social distancing & the concept of a useless virus with absent spike proteins
Extent of initial 
Logo iterations for WTO’s 30th anniversary
Experiments with sound and water
for artist
Vincent Grange 
A multi-use multi-design lamp 
Motion graphics for Amar Khamar festival advertisement
Infographic test for UNICEF
Stationery for Bhakts, linocut exploration
Save the date for a friend
Website for artist Sutirtha Chatterjee 
First screenprint
Graphics for photographer Chhandak Pradhan for his campaign with the brand Sienna