The Medicine BookISBN 9780744028362

My role in this book entailed overlooking the infographic design, single-handedly, under my senior designer, while working with the editors, conceptualising, and designing them while also delegating the design work to my team members. The work also entailed working with the picture researcher to make sure the references for these infographics were legally cleared. 
    The style of the infographics wa vector and halftone.

ABOUTA part of the Big Ideas series, packed with pithy explanations, step-by-step diagrams and bright illustrations, The Medicine Book cuts through the jargon and offers a clear overview of the greatest medical breakthroughs. Learn about major diseases such as cancer and the global eradication of smallpox. Explore new developments in IVF and gene manipulation, as well as medical science's response to global challenges, such as COVID-19.