The Spectre


March 2018

Mentor: Abhijit Pal

(n): An apparition

The ghost that haunted her mother, unintentionally, haunted her too.

Spectre is an on-going work that focuses on my mother, my grandmother and me. It explores the intimacy, distance and tensions between the generations of women in my family, and how our histories and memories are entangled and connected to one another.
My work investigates the role of a daughter and the seasonal nature of life. After the demise of my grandmother, my mother was raised without the love and affection of a mother, which she bestows upon me. Raised in a cornucopia of love and protection I had to move away from my mother during my adolescent years. After a few of years of separation, I felt an urgency to investigate my ancestral roots through images to develop a better understanding of what it means to be a daughter.

What started out as an effort to document and archive ancestral legacy soon translated to an exploration of the themes of family, history and relationships.